A transatlantic partnership is about to get stronger! 

8 april 2020

The intensification of a partnership between two risk-analysis specialists, one on either side of the Atlantic, will bring benefits for both companies and, more importantly, for their clients.

Perfect fit

In addition to owned offices in Poland, Turkey and South Africa, Riskonet has a global network of approved, independent partners. Some three years ago a Brazilian company called Pelacani reinforced this network, explains Riskonet CEO Ron de Bruijn. “Having worked with Carlos Pelacani, I knew that his business philosophy and way of offering services would be a perfect fit with us,” says RonIt was an excellent way of adding value for our clients in that region and opening up our own for Latin American clients.” 

Clear need

Founded by Carlos Pelacani in 2015, Pelacani gives its clients a variety of risk-related services, particularly in the area of property. “Back then we identified a clear need in the area of managing information relating to fire-protection systems,” explains Carlos. “Many Brazilian companies had problems managing third-party installers of fire-protection systems. We provide the necessary risk analysis, design and installation management and related services, such as training and business-continuity plans.” 

Shrewd move

Carlos goes on to explain that for major, internationally active clients, having a global footprint is crucial to mitigating risks, which made teaming up with Riskonet such a shrewd move“Being a Riskonet partner enables us to help clients based in Europe who need risk-mitigation services in Latin America. And, of course, vice-versa. Some of our big Brazilian clients needed exactly this type of consultancy services in Europe, the US and other parts of the world.” 

Global footprint 

Since the partnership started, collaboration opportunities have been limited, concedes Carlos, but successfulAnd this success has been the stimulus to strengthen the partnership. Both Riskonet and Pelacani are expanding and opportunities to collaborate are becoming more obvious. Intensifying the partnership is an excellent way of giving us the global footprint and level of penetration with major clients. It will also allow us to supplement the risk-analysis and mitigation services we offer clients by helping them on a higher level when it comes to strategic and operational risks.” 

Local services 

Concurring that collaboration so far has been limited, Ron stresses there are several reasons for intensifying it. “I expect it to make a big difference,” he continues. “It will enable us to better serve clients by offering them local services, as opposed to just parachuting in manpower like most other companies do. It will demonstrate the added value of working with Riskonet and our network partners. Furthermore, Brazil is a huge region that is home to many large-scale, professional, industrial companies, which constitute our focus area.” 

The secrets of water mist as an extinguishig agent

"To have an international network of skilled and experienced consultants communicating with and complementing one another is extremely important in this line of work."

Ron de Bruijn
Managing Partner Riskonet

Bigger picture

Carlos agrees that taking the partnership to the next level will offer clients on both sides of the Atlantic clear benefits. “Pooling expertise and experience will offer advantages all round. It will help Riskonet better serve its clients globally, particularly in Latin America, and help us replicate what Riskonet does for its clients in Europe here in Latin America.” Many years’ professional experience of the highly skilled consultants working for both companies will be at clients’ disposal, he continues. These consultants, he adds, look at the bigger picture and work strategically, rather than just focusing on the obvious aspects. And, of course, the communication between them will help establish a true risk-analysis system. “To have an international network of skilled and experienced consultants communicating with and complementing one another is extremely important in this line of work.”  

Key insights

Picking up the thread, Ron agrees that strengthening the partnership will offer substantial benefits. It will enable Riskonet to broaden its knowledge base and grow specific expertise locallyFor example, a key service Riskonet offers is helping clients comply with local legislation. In future, when an international client needs that kind of service in Latin America, we will be much better placed to help. Similarly, in serving their Latin American clients Pelacani will be able to exploit Riskonet’s network in Europe and beyond. In addition to offering that local knowledge, we will also be able to offer key insights into the cultural contrasts between different regions. And, of course, there are also cost savings to be made, by minimising travel.” 

Location-specific risk analysis

By way of illustration Ron cites a concrete request Riskonet received from an international client that needs risk information to develop a global insurance programme in Latin AmericaIn today’s increasingly challenging insurance market, we expect to receive more such requests from international clients and prospects in this and other regions. Carlos, for his part, outlines how Pelacani will now be well placed to provide the location-specific risk analysis and expertise recently needed by a renowned global insurance company. “And there are several other internationally active companies in Brazil who will benefit from the intensification of our partnership. 

Specifically now, in the crisis we are in and the issues with travelling, having qualified partners on the ground locally is a clear benefit for Pelacani’s and Riskonet’s clients.” 

Joint offering

Both Ron and Carlos are convinced that strengthening their partnership will actively promote their respective companies’ presence among clients and other organisations in Europe and Latin America. Later this year a Pelacani delegation will come to Europe to visit clients and prospects and outline what both companies can jointly offer in Latin America and Riskonet delegation will cross the Atlantic to do the same thing. 

Local offices


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