Chris Brits

[email protected]
+27 8 345 67 424


  • Master of Commerce (Program Management) (Cum Laude)
  • Master of Business Administration (International Business) (Henley U.K.)


  • Client Strategy and Risk Management Program Design
  • Organizational design
  • Policy and framework development
  • Risk placement optimization
  • Enterprise Wide Risk Management
  • Risk Finance
  • Operational Risk Assessments
  • Risk Software
  • Liabilities
  • Fire Engineering
  • Security
  • Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Risk Management Training
  • Valuations


  • Risk strategy – optimizing risk programs to meet corporate objectives
  • Organizational design – building highly effective teams
  • Risk framework and program design – aligning tactics to risk strategy and rolling out risk programs across and down operating units
  • Risk standards development – aligning assessment standards and key performance measures to risk objectives
  • Enterprise wide risk management – building resilience and risk decision consistency across the organization
  • Risk finance – optimizing risk cost benefit
  • Insurance – distressed client placement program consulting/ defining insurance profiles for risk carriers
  • Post loss reviews
  • Insurance underwriting reports and risk assessments
  • Operational risk – developing and implementing various operational risk programs across the business (fire/ security/ health and safety/ crisis management/ environmental/ engineering/ motor fleet)
  • ISO standard development and implementation
  • Fire systems – cost benefit analysis and technical review/ design/ turnkey solutions aligned to risk finance objectives
  • Valuations – land and building/ plant and equipment
  • Risk training – 600 accredited training programs/ e-learning platform and learnership programs
  • Preventative maintenance programs – mechanical and electrical thermographic programs/ motor circuit analysis/ vibration analysis/ oil sampling