New Riskonet partner in Poland

November 29, 2022

A win-win situation. Riskonet gets to expand its capacity in Poland; and for Tomasz Selwestruk a new challenge and the opportunity to channel his experience and expertise into advising Riskonet clients in Poland.


Since the beginning of November 2022 Riskonet has a new partner in Poland in the person of Tomasz Selwestruk (40). In his previous position, which he held for 12 years, many of his business trips, which were inside and outside Poland’s borders, lasted anything up to a week.

New challenge

While a bit too much travel might have played a role in his desire to leave his last employer, the main reason was that Tomasz was looking for a new challenge. During a chance meeting with a friend, Maciej Drzewicki, he learned that Riskonet Poland was looking to strengthen its network with someone of his calibre. “And the rest,” he says, “is history.” Tomasz is convinced that at Riskonet Poland he has found the challenge he was looking for. “The involvement here is much greater,” he explains. “It’s so much more than just checking sprinkler- and fire-protection systems, like an inspection company does. At Riskonet we also apply our expertise to advise clients. And there are less business trips,” he adds with a smile.

Benefit Riskonet and its clients

Tomasz’s previous position was as the expert of fire-protection systems at VdS Schadeverhütung, a German company accredited in the inspection of such systems. Going forward, he genuinely feels that the experience he acquired during those 12 years with his former employer will benefit Riskonet Poland, and of course, its clients. “In my last job I worked according to the same fire-protection international standards, such as NFPA, VdS, FM, EN12845, that currently apply throughout the industry. The advice I can offer Riskonet clients is backed up by practical experience and hands-on knowledge of fire-protection systems, particularly fire-protection water installations. I can categorically say that my knowledge and experience are 100 per cent relevant for Riskonet clients.”

“The involvement here is much greater. It’s so much more than just checking sprinkler- and fire-protection systems, like an inspection company does. At Riskonet we also apply our expertise to advise clients"
Tomasz Selwestruk partner Riskonet Poland

Hit the ground running

Although he has only been a Riskonet Partner for a few weeks, Tomasz is confident that his new challenge will be as fulfilling and rewarding as he expects it to be. In fact, he has already hit the ground running. “I’ve already made two site visits to clients and written up the necessary reports. Now I’m checking the relevant documentation for the sprinkler systems.”

Knowledge and experience

His current responsibilities include checking fire-protection requirements and recommendations, but he fully expects the scope and range of his activities to increase as he acquires more experience with Riskonet clients in Poland. “From my time with my previous employer I am bringing a great deal of knowledge and experience to the table. By nature, I enjoy helping people and I’m looking forward to using that knowledge and experience to help Riskonet clients solve the problems they face in the area of fire-protection.”

International footprint

The international nature of the Riskonet network also appeals greatly to Tomasz. Having worked for a German organisation in his previous position, he realises how important a role the international component plays in this industry. “The knowledge and experience I have acquired so far also come from national and international colleagues and clients. Given the international footprint of its network, I fully expect that this will also benefit Riskonet and its clients.”

Enthusiastic and optimistic

Looking ahead, Tomasz is enthusiastic and optimistic about the future that awaits him. “My own experience, combined with the collective experience of my colleagues here in Riskonet Poland and the broader international Riskonet network, are more than enough to convince me that it will all work out very well. Not only will this move help me rise to my new challenge, it will also help me define even more ambitions and new goals that will make my work even more interesting. I’m really going to enjoy it!”

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