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Riskonet guides organisations in the field of asset risk management, but we are also familiar with the field of (re)insurers. Our experts assist Swiss Re in conducting risk assessments and organising workshops and educational courses and trainings.

The Manager of Risk Engineering Services Reinsurance at Swiss Re, likes to use the services of Riskonet. Especially for reasons that he calls thinking ‘outside the box’. “Because Riskonet is exposed on a daily basis to many aspects of risk management, they bring a lot of experience and expertise. I appreciate Riskonet’s fresh outlook on matters; their ability to approach issues in a new and different way. This makes such a difference for the way in which we set up seminars and training programmes for clients.”

Fresh outlook

That ‘fresh outlook’ is particularly useful in Swiss Re’s development and use of new services. “I also value Riskonet’s vision when it comes to the realisation of new tools, new ‘grading mechanisms’ and other matters. The fact that they have lots of experience in the field – in the insurance business – is very valuable to us as reinsurers. On the one hand, we benefit from our collaboration with Riskonet because they are our partner in larger projects. On the other hand, we benefit because they carry out individual risk engineering tasks for us.”

"I appreciate Riskonet’s fresh outlook on matters; their ability to approach issues in a new and different way."

Manager Risk Engineering Services 

Trusted colleagues

Swiss Re regularly asks Riskonet to conduct assessments. “For example if we need extra capacity at peak hours. The people of Riskonet conduct themselves as trusted colleagues who are familiar with our requirements, our way of working and our culture.”

Naturally, Swiss Re places high demands on the quality and accuracy of the work of Riskonet’s risk engineers. “Our assessments must be completed swiftly and accurately. The reports we receive on the risk grading, protection level and the overall risk quality and exposure must be satisfactory and correct, and in accordance with the standards that we apply ourselves. Furthermore, the work also needs to be transparent. Not only to our external clients, the insurance companies and the insured parties, but also internally, to our own underwriters. Riskonet is familiar with this practice and conforms with our standards. We can rely on them here too.”

“We speak the same language”

The Manager of Risk Engineering Services Reinsurance does not conceal his satisfaction. “I am happy with our collaboration; we speak the same language. Riskonet provides a high quality service that is delivered on time. Reliability, one of Riskonet’s major strengths, is extremely important for us. These are the most important cornerstones of the partnership. Riskonet also has an excellent network, even in markets where risk engineering is scarce, such as in Saudi Arabia.

The conclusion is clear: “We appreciate Riskonet’s professional support, both in operational practices and for the further development of our services.”

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