Volker von Widdern

Riskonet Ltd.

[email protected]
+ 0825727893


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), Henley Business School
  • B Accountancy, CA (SA)


  • Supply Chain risk analysis – damage and non-damage
  • Business Continuity – strategic and operational impacts
  • Enterprise Wide Risk Management
  • Treasury and investment risk assessment
  • Risk placement optimisation
  • Loss data analysis and modelling design with actuarial teams
  • Risk Finance design and multi class optimisation
  • Reinsurance design, including finite risk models
  • Liability risk analysis


  • Volker is a specialist risk consultant to the Riskonet organization in South Africa. He was responsible for the deployment of specialist risk practice disciplines in several geographies for MRC. From 2003 to 2016.
  • Volker’ risk management experience reflects the in-depth analysis applied to each industry or segment. For example, MRC SA developed a mining risk assessment model that consolidated outputs from hundreds of previous mining risk surveys and related EML’s / MPL’s, so that future reports could be automatically benchmarked by type of mine and metals production.
  • Volker led a substantial change in the insurance program of a major Taiwanese technology conglomerate, to rather build capacity on supply chain and business interruption exposures that were difficult to insure, and to increase the standard property deductibles, thus self-financing previously uninsured risks.
  • Recently, Volker’s analysis of the medical malpractice sector resulted in a new engagement model with practitioners, societies and hospital groups that enabled a significant reduction in premiums and far better collaboration on data sources