The master class in NFPA 13 & storage

07 Augustus 2017

Become an expert in fire safety for warehousing and distribution. Would you like to acquire the latest insights into the installation of sprinkler systems? And would you like to put this expertise straight into practice at sites such as complex warehousing and distribution facilities? The master class in NFPA 13 & storage is a 5-day course that will make you an expert in the theory and effective application of an industry benchmark worldwide: the NFPA 13 standard for the installation of sprinkler systems. This master class is provided by certified American and European NFPA instructors and concludes by issuing participants a certificate of educational achievement.

Days 1 & 2

Having buildings equipped with professionally installed sprinkler systems reduces damage and loss of lives. During the first two days of this master class, you will obtain the latest insights into the installation of automatic sprinkler systems and how they intervene in the face of specific threats. You will also be given detailed information about the existing requirements with respect to relevant legislation.

Serving as a guideline for this part of this master class is the 2016 edition of the globally accepted NFPA 13 standard for the design and installation of sprinkler systems. You will learn all the details of this complex standard and, having completed the course, you will be familiar with the specific provisions applying to the European continent.

During this part of the master class, the trainers will devote ample attention to future requirements and provisions that will be included in the NFPA 13 as of 2019. This is knowledge essential for making your designs and installations satisfy future needs.

Days 3, 4 and 5

Applying the NFPA 13 standard in warehousing and distribution facilities is not a simple matter. At the end of the second part of this master class, you will be able to put the standard to effective use in the maze of commodity classifications, storage options and sprinkler technologies (such as standard, CMSA and ESFR sprinkler systems).

We use an interactive approach to address all the details that are important for ensuring that warehousing and distribution facilities satisfy both current and future code-compliant fire safety solutions. Ample attention will be devoted to case examples as well as to giving you the chance to discuss your own case and have it assessed by an NFPA 13 auditor.

The secrets of water mist as an extinguishig agent

Why take the course?

Your work as a risk professional requires you to specialise in the authoritative NFPA 13 standard; this course teaches you to apply this standard effectively to practical situations. You will learn how to have an effective impact on all phases involving the safety of warehousing and distribution facilities: design, implementation and management.

Who should participate?

This master class is intended for fire safety professionals: fire engineers, government inspectors, auditors, installers, insurers, facility managers of warehousing and distribution facilities, and, of course, risk consultants and risk managers. Any of these professionals will benefit from the Master Class in NFPA 13 & Storage. They will acquire in-depth knowledge, in both theory and practice, of the complex requirements imposed on the safety of warehousing and distribution facilities. Participants in this master class will also expand their network and gain insight into specific cases.

Important: this master class was designed for participants with a higher professional education background.

Learn from the experts

This master class is being given by Riskonet in close cooperation with the NFPA. Bob Caputo and Tom de Nooij, the two certified NFPA trainers, will be your hosts for the five-day course.

Both instructors were involved in the development of the NFPA codes and standards and are internationally recognised in their professional field.


The Master Class in NFPA 13 & Storage will be given from 13 through 17 November 2017 on the SS Rotterdam, a hotel ship in Rotterdam. Registration is limited to a maximum of 30 participants. The organisers will try to put together a group of participants with various backgrounds and specialisations.

This master class will be taught in English. Participants who pass the final exam will receive a certificate of educational achievement.

Participation in this master class costs €2,250 (excluding VAT) per person. NEPA members will receive a discount of €100.00 (excluding VAT). The costs for lunch, coffee breaks and study materials are included in the registration fee.


Tom de Nooij, CFPS, Riskonet

T: +31 (0)621 163 887

E: [email protected]

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Ron de Bruijn

The Netherlands
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Tom de Nooij

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