Riskonet organises yet another NFPA sprinkler seminar in Kraków, Poland

02 Januarie 2020

Correctly-installed sprinkler systems reduce both damage and loss of life in case of fire in buildings by 67%*. Because Poland has a strong need for factual knowledge and practical experience in the field of sprinklers and the international standards in this field, Riskonet organises an official NFPA sprinkler engineering seminar.

The five-day event, from 25 to 29 May in the Polish city of Kraków, is the ultimate opportunity to get completely up to date on the latest information regarding the NFPA 13 and 20 standards. The training, which covers concepts and requirements for automatic sprinkler systems and the application of these to specific dangers, is provided by official NFPA instructors.

After the training, the participants will know the various types of sprinkler systems and they will be familiar with the way they work. They will also know the requirements for the various parts of the sprinkler installation, and they will be aware of the installation requirements for the various types of sprinklers. Finally, they will be able to assess various system design requirements and determine which requirements the system design and the installation products should meet.

Exam: certificate

At the end of the seminar, participants can take an exam. Passing this exam will get them a ‘Certificate of Educational Achievement’. This certificate is a confirmation that an individual successfully met the requirements of an NFPA certification programme, and has reached the corresponding learning objectives.

The NFPA, the American National Fire Protection Association, is an internationally-recognised and accepted authority in the field of fire prevention; the standards of the NFPA are generally accepted and applied worldwide. Leszek Golachowski, Partner at Riskonet Poland: “The number of sprinkler systems designed and supplied in accordance with the NFPA standards is increasing. It seems like the NFPA standards have become the most popular standards for new industrial and logistic buildings in Poland. This is why it is crucial that all people involved in the design and supply have sufficient knowledge of and insight into the NFPA philosophy”, says Golachowski.

The latest facts and insights

For firefighters, inspection and certification authorities, plan analysts, designers, installers, inspectors, insurers, risk consultants and risk managers, the seminar offers the perfect opportunity to familiarise themselves with the latest facts and insights surrounding frequently-applied standards. Golachowski: “Out of all the NFPA standards, the NFPA 13 (for sprinkler systems) and the NFPA 20 (for fire pumps) are used most frequently in Poland. These standards change every three years. It is important to use the latest version and to be aware of any changes.”

"Riskonet is the NFPA partner in Europe. Our role is promoting the NFPA standards and sharing the knowledge they contain”

Leszek Golachowski
Partner Riskonet Poland

The secrets of water mist as an extinguishig agent

There is quite a drive to participate, Leszek explains. “After a previous training, we received many requests for a subsequent NFPA training, especially from people who were unable to attend the previous one. We also received questions from earlier participants who hope their colleagues or (new) employees will be able to attend a next event.

Minimise deviations

Learning and maintaining knowledge is important for anyone who plays a role on the Polish market, Riskonet believes. “As auditors and consultants, we observe a significant number of deviations in projects based on NFPA standards. We believe the training will help to minimise the number of deviations and will clarify a number of controversies regarding the standards.”

It is certainly not the first time that Riskonet has been involved in the organisation of these seminars in Europe. “Riskonet is the NFPA partner in Europe. Our role is promoting the NFPA standards and sharing the knowledge they contain for the benefit of all. Organising trainings is not a core activity of Riskonet, but we believe that organising these trainings is an important element of our contribution to improving fire safety in Poland.

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