Information security

Only a personal and holistic approach will allow an effective information-security-management system to be properly prepared. This is exactly how Riskonet operates in drawing up an overall picture for your organisation.

Do you want to protect your critical information assets, ensure their confidentiality, integrity and availability? Do you want to increase the trust of your clients and partners or meet their requirements? Do you want to prevent information-security incidents, cyber threats and, should they occur, limit their impact? And do you want to meet legal requirements and thus avoid the prospect of heavy fines?
Sophisticated and costly IT solutions are certainly available, but is an approach based solely on implementing IT solutions enough?


Riskonet partners offer personalised solutions that are based on a comprehensive approach to a client's situation. At Riskonet, we understand that a solution must correspond to the identified risks. In other words, it must take into account the client organisation's exposure to risk, the size of the organisation and the likelihood and severity of potential incidents.

A Riskonet partner therefore provides solutions that are based on a broad but realistic view of the aspects of information security and the risks that are involved. The first step is to identify the current situation - providing an “up-to-date picture of the organisation”, including possible shortcomings or gaps (gap analysis). We can then make recommendations for implementation, based on recognised international standards (such as ISO27001), or legal obligations (NIS2 Directive, GDPR, national regulations) or partners requirements (TISAX-VDA ISA 6.0). Riskonet will then provide support in the implementation of an information-security-management system, including the identification, analysis and assessment of information-security and cyber-security risks, the development of the appropriate documentation (policies, procedures, rules, instructions) and internal audits. We will also provide the necessary training to increase employee awareness and involvement.

And, of course, thanks to our bespoke approach, Riskonet can also provide support in implementing each of the above-mentioned elements separately.


How do we work? For the automotive industry, for example, compliance with the VDA ISA (TISAX) standard is often a prerequisite for a partnership. Working together with the client, our experts will first of all help identify the issues that need to be addressed, so that the level of security can be raised. Our experts will also help to develop the required documentation, implement an information-security-management system and train employees. Such a comprehensive approach makes it easy for the client to pass an audit carried out by an independent certification body, thereby meeting the partner's requirements and opening the door to full cooperation.

Collaboration with NFPA

Riskonet also actively helps to develop risk-management knowledge and expertise. We are, for example, the European partner of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), an American non-profit organisation that uses scientific research, guidelines and education to reduce the negative effects of fire and other hazards. With almost 80 000 members, the NFPA is the world’s largest fire safety organisation and many companies and insurers follow its guidelines.

Our NFPA seminars

We can support you with advice and action in the area of safety and risk management. And our offering is extensive. It encompasses, for example, the dissemination of knowledge and training courses, including those pertaining to the important guidelines of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).