Environment, Health & Safety

Nowadays, many companies are paying a lot attention to “environment, health and safety” (EHS). And rightly so, but of course full compliance with legislation and regulations can place a heavy burden on an organisation. Riskonet can assist you in situations which call for compliance with EHS requirements imposed by clients, authorities and insurers.

Clients and insurers, as well as financial institutions like banks and investors sometimes impose stringent requirements in the area of health, safety and the environment. Certainly when it comes to financing extended by some authorities, there is a mandatory obligation to comply with strict norms.

What does Riskonet offer?

For banks (and other financial institutions) and companies looking to make an acquisition, Riskonet can carry out due diligence. We have the expertise, as well as the necessary certifications to carry out this kind of research, assess an organisation’s practical situation, and then provide our expert advice.

Due diligence for financing

Companies considering entering a partnership, making an acquisition or setting up their own production and logistics facilities in the countries where Riskonet is active, typically involve us in assessing the relevant EHS aspects. But this goes beyond simple compliance with legislation and regulations and financing stipulations. A sound EHS profile is an essential prerequisite to effectively preclude calamities, and thus avoid damage to an international reputation. For much the same reasons, establishing and maintaining a good track record in an environmental context for example, companies frequently ask us to carry out EHS assessments on their suppliers.

By helping you to take your organisation’s EHS credentials to a higher level, Riskonet can be your trusted specialist in asset risk management.

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