Engineering consultancy

A safety investment only proves its worth when a calamity actually occurs. But how do you make sure the work of your construction workers or suppliers is in any event up to scratch? Riskonet is here for you as well. You can trust us to keep a close eye on all your construction and engineering projects.

The construction of a new production facility or warehouse requires careful consideration of the safety requirements that must be met. But how does one make sure that a construction company or installer uses the right materials – for example, while installing the firewall shutoff valves to prevent the spread of fire inside the ductwork? And where a door itself may be certified for one-hour fire delay, the door’s installation could partially invalidate this guarantee.

With an extra pair of eyes you are sure to identify such details and so protect your organisation from major risks.

What can Riskonet do for you?

Asking construction companies or suppliers whether they have done their job properly is not going to do the trick. It is like asking a baker to judge his own bread.

Riskonet, on the other hand, can fill the position of independent observer to safeguard your projects. Riskonet provides advice and guidance in your construction and engineering projects, minds the finishing touches, and keeps your organisation’s risk policy in mind.

As an independent observer and overseer we ensure that the work is in line with your policy. The experts at Riskonet have years of experience in this field.

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