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31 Mei 2017

Riskonet’s new partner in India and Southeast Asia. Vikram Kalbag from India and Riskonet’s managing partner Ron de Bruijn were colleagues years ago in various divisions of an international risk consulting firm. After they both took their own entrepreneurial path, their shared passion for risk management has brought them back together again. Kalbag’s firm, Mimansa Risk Consulting, that is based in Bangalore (India), is Riskonet’s new partner for the Indian subcontinent and southeast Asia.

Vikram Kalbag works from the southern Indian city of Bangalore, which has a population of nine million and is the third largest city in India. He and his company are well-known in the risk management industry in India and Southeast Asia. “I have worked in various roles, from management systems auditor to safety & loss prevention consultant, for a wide range of companies. I started work at a chemicals plant, then I was a safety consultant at Lloyds Register of Shipping and after working at FM Global and Marsh Risk Consulting I set up my own business, Mimansa Risk Consulting.”

Extensive expertise

Kalbag offers extensive expertise in the area of industrial risk analysis and handling with his modest workforce of two consultants. He supports code compliance in various Asian countries and has performed a large number of due diligence projects. “I also support companies with their business continuity planning and with estimating and limiting supply chain risks. I know many industries from the inside, such as the automotive, chemical, data centres, electronics, logistics, warehousing, pharmaceutical and retail sectors.


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An expert partner in India and Southeast Asia

Vikram Kalbag’s activities extend far beyond his home market of India and Sri Lanka. His recent due diligence and code compliance activities in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines make him Riskonet’s expert partner for the region. “We serve companies that require our knowledge and also insurance firms and brokers. Our focus is on providing business services to regional and international companies, including important projects such as fire protection design according to NFPA standards, but also risk surveys.”

“Trusted and reliable”

Ron de Bruijn is convinced that Vikram Kalbag is the right partner for risk management in this part of the world. “We can offer our clients that want to organise or test risk management according to international standards in this part of the world a trusted and reliable partner who fully works in line with our approach.”

Vikram Kalbag added: “And who furthermore understands occasionally complex local requirements and is able to help assess the implications for organisations. Risk management is going through rapid development in this part of the world, meaning that well-known standards such as the NFPA standards are gaining ground. At the same time, there are significant local and regional policy differences, which have important operational consequences. At Mimansa Risk Consulting, we would like to guide you through this matter towards sensible and effective risk management.”

Local offices


Ron de Bruijn

The Netherlands
+31 85 043 79 40
[email protected]


Tom de Nooij

The Netherlands
+31 85 043 79 40
[email protected]


Özlem Emgen

+90 533 21 12 051
[email protected]


Leszek Golachowski

+48 663 336 844
[email protected]


Chris Brits

South Africa
+27 83 456 7424
[email protected]


Janet Short

Coal Point (Sydney)
+61 (0)49 3868111
[email protected]

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