About us

Riskonet is an internationally active consultancy in the field of safety and risk management. At the heart of Riskonet is an international team with members in countries which include the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and South Africa. Furthermore, spread across many countries, Riskonet also has an extensive network of experts who can be deployed in support of your organisation.



Our people are our most important assets

The knowledge and experience that each and every one of our team members has accumulated over several decades is placed entirely at your disposal. It’s our pleasure to introduce the risk professionals who can steer you and your organisation towards professional risk management.

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Riskonet is active all over the world

We operate from our own offices in Europe and in Africa and we have an extensive partner network on all continents, working with trusted experts who can be deployed on your behalf in accordance with Riskonet methodology and benchmarks.

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Sustainability Riskonet


Working on a sustainable future

At Riskonet, sustainability is bound to the company strategy. For example, we limit travel by car and plane to an absolute minimum. We compensate for the voyages we do have to make by planting trees. In addition, we like conveying our philosophy in this area to our partners and integrate it into our advice and project support services. For example, we make our clients aware of more sustainable safety installations and share our knowledge about this with our global network.

Local offices


Ron de Bruijn

De Cuserstraat 93
1081 CN Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 85 043 79 40
[email protected]


Özlem Emgen

FSM Mah. Poligon Sokak Buyaka İş
Kuleleri Kule 3 D.1,2,3,4
Ümraniye İstanbul Türkiye
+90 533 21 12 051
[email protected]


Leszek Golachowski

Rakowicka 1
31-511 Kraków
+48 663 336 844
[email protected]


Chris Brits

Building A,  Nicol Main Office Park, 2 Bruton Road
Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa
+27 83 456 7424
[email protected]