The fruits of
our labour

While we are not inclined to blow our own trumpet, we at Riskonet are very proud of the fact that we can count leading international companies and institutions among our clients. Some of these clients are only too happy to talk about their experiences with our advisors.

We roepen het niet van de daken, maar we zijn er bij Riskonet maar wat trots op dat we mogen werken voor internationale topbedrijven en instellingen. Enkele van deze klanten vertellen graag over hun ervaringen met onze adviseurs.

Royal Cosun

Agri-food group Royal Cosun putting ‘master the unexpected’ into practice

Royal Cosun, an agri-food company with 3,900 employees (in FTE) and a group turnover of approximately € 2 billion per year, explicitly puts Riskonet's motto 'mastering the unexpected' into practice. Riskonet works in close collaboration with the organization on a contemporary Risk Management Concept.

Swiss RE

Swiss re: serving (re)insurers professionally

Riskonet guides organisations in the field of asset risk management, but we are also familiar with the field of (re)insurers. Our experts assist Swiss Re in conducting risk assessments, organising workshops and educational courses and training.


"Thanks to riskonet, our team at prodelta were in safe hands and we were able to minutely implement the transition."

Rendering a large storage facility for goods like cocoa, coffee and metals suitable for storing packaged hazardous materials is no easy task. ProDelta, a logistics and industrial property development and management company, called on the expertise of Riskonet to make sure it was done right.


“Riskonet informs us of the risks before acquisition"

Before purchasing real estate, investors must have a good idea of where their money goes. They should have an understanding of the complete picture, including all risks and investments that must be made. CBRE Global Investors, active in the acquisition and management of real estate, has further professionalised its acquisition process in recent years.

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