Riskonet is your “partner for the unexpected”. In collaboration with you, we apply our expertise and experience to identify the risks you are exposed to and above all, manage them while organising your safety too. We use our expertise to guide you in thought-through and effective risk management providing you with our three step result-oriented support.

Assessment & Advice

We can advise you and your organisation on the full breadth and depth of the relevant risks. We listen, we think along with you and give you the benefit of our substantiated vision in response to your questions regarding possible damage. We’ll also be happy to help you make the right choices when it comes to investing in measures to avoid or mitigate potential grief.

Acting as consultants, our experts will place their years of experience at your organisation’s disposal, powerfully and pragmatically, with a strong focus on business economics. The assessments we make and the advice that we give are always solution oriented. We keep a constant watch on the various perspectives, which, among other things, results in the creation of a Design Criteria Document. This allows us to translate our advice and the results of our assessments into a properly thought-through risk policy, which then serves as a sound basis for making sensible decisions.

Safety concepts

Quality and content are key. To help our risk professionals draw up a thorough and effective (fire) safety concept for your organisation, they need to understand its ins and outs. Our preference at Riskonet is to look at where you will be in the long (or longer) term and the influence that legislation and insurers will have on your operations.

Specific solutions that we can offer in conjunction with Step 1 include the Pre-Acquisition Risk Assessment (PARA) and the Pre-Construction Risk Assessment (PCRA). The advice that we offer can also include the dissemination of knowledge and the provision of training. Riskonet actively contributes in this area in the form of workshops and seminars and by lecturing in educational institutions.

Implementation & execution

Armed with an effective safety concept, Riskonet will be ready to help you tackle the challenges you face. And let’s be clear about this, we’re offering much more than just advice. We’ll also be happy to assist you to put it all into practice. Firstly, the baseline document and schedule of requirements, for example, will help establish a risk policy that’s both practical and manageable. Afterwards, our experts will be pleased to ensure that this policy is assimilated to, and embedded in, your organisation.

Then it’s time to turn policy into practice, which can be done in various ways. It may be necessary, for example, to physically separate certain components of the business process. Alternatively, using a targeted investment programme, it may be necessary to take asset risk management to a higher level in your organisation. Our risk professionals can help you monitor risk-policy compliance for a construction project. We know from experience that advice can continue to play a major role in implementation and execution. During “Step 2” we also keep an eye on minimising the likelihood of a calamity, as an alternative to having to make a substantial investment in a sprinkler system installation, for example.

Develop, design, tender

Riskonet’s advice is firmly anchored in the real world. If required, you can engage our services for the actual development, design, engineering and tendering (drawing up the tender document) of an installation project. All according to the specs, within the budget and on time.

Maintenance & optimisation

As your “partner for the unexpected”, Riskonet will ensure your risk policy and its operational implementation stay up-to-date and that you maintain control over the safety of your organisation, employees and processes. This ensures that your investment in risk management stays “future-proof” and takes into account legislation and regulations, insurers’ requirements and business developments. We help you manage “the unexpected” and keep it affordable.

This is why Riskonet focuses as much as possible on long-term relationships. Periodically reviewing the risk policy keeps it all current and underpins continuity. Thinking in terms of risk is not a static science, but a dynamic process that should never stop. External requirements are constantly changing and internal changes can, sometimes imperceptibly  have major consequences for the risks, as well as the policy and the practical situation.

Flagging up and countering risk-blindness

Riskonet is comfortable playing the role of “devil’s advocate” the expert who helps to flag and counter risk blindness. Your risk management might be up-to-date today, for example, but how well is it organised in the longer term? The “regular maintenance” that our experts will be pleased to carry out for you could stimulate you to make possible and necessary optimisations in your organisation, facilities and corporate culture. Good maintenance is always a wise investment. It might help you avoid a painful wake-up call in the form of an incident or calamity...

Riskonet solutions

Our services give our clients control over their own safety situation. They provide this control through, amongst other things, a series of much sought-after solutions that have repeatedly proven their worth in many organisations. The three specific Riskonet assessment solutions described below offer extremely targeted support.


Pre Acquisition Risk Assesment

One specific assessment form is known as a Pre-Acquisition Risk Assessment (PARA). In it, Riskonet advises clients on the current safety of objects they are thinking of acquiring and the risks associated with them. A PARA can, for example, be a useful and integral part of a broader due diligence investigation on a piece of real estate that a client might be thinking of acquiring. Our clients tell us that the impression they get of an asset (in a financial, legal and usage context) is not considered complete without this technical assessment, which pays specific attention to material safety.


Pre Construction Risk Assessment

The Pre-Construction Risk Assessment (PCRA) is a comparable service that is specifically aimed at clients who are about to start a building project or acquire one. Using this product, Riskonet experts can draw a complete picture of everything which might affect safety in a new building or development project. The PCRA enables Riskonet to support you in aligning a new-build investment with your risk profile and strategy, while considering legislation, regulations and insurers’ requirements.


Gap Assessment Asset Safety

Companies prefer to maintain autonomous control over the safety and continuity of their business processes. The Gap Assessment Asset Safety model (GAAS), which we developed ourselves, enables us to offer an integrated approach to material safety on location. The GAAS focuses on current legislation and regulations, business continuity and the insurability of the assets. With it, we can identify possible shortcomings and flag improvement opportunities, such as personal and evacuation safety, prevention and suppression.

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