Maciej Wróbel

[email protected]
+48 666 889 404


  • Master of Science - Main School of Fire Service, Fire Safety Department
  • Occupational health and safety (post-graduate studies)
  • Project management (postgraduate studies)
  • Numerous courses and training in fire and explosion safety systems


• Risk assessment in industrial plants
• Assessment of compliance with national regulations and international standards
• Fire protection concepts
• Verification of fire safety status
• Implementation of the code of good practice and risk management programs
• Raising the safety culture in industrial plants
• Conducting fire safety training


  • Designing and comprehensive implementation of permanent water and gas extinguishing equipment projects
  • Technical consultancy
  • Analysis of fire protection requirements
  • Technical insurance risk assessment
  • Preparation and implementation of risk management programs
  • Supervision over companies implementing fire protection equipment
  • Building a code of good practice for industrial plants