Tom de Nooij appointed to new position at NFPA

24 january 2017

Riskonet’s fire safety specialist Tom de Nooij has taken on a new challenge at the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the American organisation that develops globally recognised standards.

De Nooij, who is also a senior NFPA instructor and member of the ‘NFPA 30 technical committee for flammable combustible liquids code’, has now also joined the NFPA 20 Fire pumps committee.

When asked about the reason for this appointment, he says he was asked to join the committee due to his specific knowledge in this area. “Every committee has a principle in charge and an alternate, a sort of deputy who can serve as his substitute. I’m now the alternate for this NFPA 20 committee.” De Nooij is the principle for the NFPA 30 committee, with William Koffel as his alternate. “Koffel is an undisputed authority in the U.S. on fire hazards and protection.”

Recognition of position

This steps means that De Nooij can now expect recognition of the authoritative position of both himself and Riskonet in Europe. “I’m the first and only senior NFPA instructor from Europe; becoming a member of a second committee is additional confirmation.” In these committees, De Nooij works towards creating and updating standards. “This puts me ‘close to the fire’, as it were, when it comes to the latest developments. It’s also very educational and I’m eager to apply my experiences to my European consultancy work at Riskonet.”


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Positive side effects

De Nooij’s new role also has a positive effect in other ways. “NFPA standards are used worldwide. It is a non-profit organisation with a purely professional focus. The NFPA has a strong interest in translating European practices into its standards. I applaud this. I share the vision, experiences and insights of my business partners, such as European sprinkler pump manufacturers. This also makes the standards more accessible in Europe.”

This appointment also reflects the importance that Riskonet attaches to international representation and professional development. “Working in an NFPA committee is without monetary rewards, although the costs of travel and time spent are paid for by Riskonet. We are pleased to contribute to standards that are relevant and highly applicable.”

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