Riskonet welcomes a new partner in Germany

July 14, 2023

"I appreciate the opportunity to expand my knowledge and network"

We are delighted to introduce Roshan Porcheron, our new partner who joins us from Springe, Germany. With Roshan on board, our international network of risk professionals gains a valuable and extensive addition.

With a background in architecture and fire protection engineering, Roshan brings diverse knowledge to Riskonet. The independent consultant possesses a wide range of expertise in architecture, building laws, fire protection and safety.

While studying architecture, Roshan gained insights during an internship that emphasized the importance of additional qualifications to stand out from her peers. “I learned about fire protection during this internship and the importance of bringing all these components together for a well-designed building. From the aesthetic part to functionality and safety.”


U.S. fire protection

After completing her studies, Roshan worked for an architectural firm in Kaiserslautern where she took on responsibility of U.S. fire protection. Since there are many U.S. military installations in Germany, the building designs must follow both German and U.S. requirements. Being the only architect in the company with knowledge in this area, she had to ensure the quality of her work independently. “I had to submit my work with my name on it and ensure it was perfect. It was a challenging experience, but I managed it and they were pleased with my work”, Roshan reflects.

Her exceptional work caught the attention of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who invited her to collaborate directly with them in Germany. Reflecting on this experience, Roshan shares her pride: “This was the biggest achievement in my life. I had the opportunity to review others’ work, and it was the most fascinating work experience I have ever had.”

Collaboration with Riskonet

During an NFPA training event in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 2018, Roshan had the opportunity to meet Tom de Nooij from Riskonet. A natural connection between Riskonet’s work and Roshan’s endeavours emerged. “Given my health and safety coordinator role, collaborating with Riskonet is mutually beneficial.” She provides German expertise on fire protection codes in her country. “I write pre-acquisition reports, ensure the design complies with the codes and the clients get a safe building”, states Roshan. Currently, Roshan is collaborating with Riskonet Poland on a warehouse project and for a client of  Riskonet Netherlands on a shopping mall project in Dusseldorf.

The German market presents unique challenges for risk management, particularly due to the extensive paperwork requirements and strict adherence to codes. Roshan acknowledges these realities and emphasizes the importance of navigating these complications.

Roshan expresses her satisfaction with the seamless collaboration with Riskonet. Her interest in bigger and varied projects aligns well with Riskonet’s market. “I appreciate the opportunity to expand my knowledge and network”, she affirms. With great enthusiasm, Roshan looks forward to the future with Riskonet: “I am absolutely thrilled that I have this opportunity to work with Riskonet. Looking forward to more projects.”

Local offices


Ron de Bruijn

The Netherlands
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Tom de Nooij

The Netherlands
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Özlem Emgen

+90 533 21 12 051
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Leszek Golachowski

+48 663 336 844
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Chris Brits

South Africa
+27 83 456 7424
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Janet Short

Coal Point (Sydney)
+61 (0)49 3868111
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