Organisational advice

An organisation which presents an integrated picture of its business risks takes huge strides towards being truly in control. Riskonet’s integrated risk management is based on a broad vision of risks, asset-related and otherwise giving you a better overview, more insight and ultimately, a better result.
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Risk management

How much risk do you consider “acceptable” within your organisation? Taking it a step further, how much of that risk does the organisation want to cover itself and how much does it want to insure? Riskonet can help your organisation set up a risk policy which will be a perfect fit with your business strategy.
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Protection of assets

If asset risk management is to be truly integrated and balanced, a personal, professional and bespoke approach is indispensable. This is exactly how Riskonet operates in drawing up an overall picture for your organisation.
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Environment, health and safety

Nowadays, many companies are paying a lot attention to “environment, health and safety” (EHS). And rightly so, but of course full compliance with legislation and regulations can place a heavy burden on an organisation. Riskonet can assist you in situations which call for compliance with EHS requirements imposed by clients, authorities and insurers.
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Riskonet solutions

Our services give our clients control over their own safety situation. They provide this control through, amongst other things, a series of much sought-after solutions that have repeatedly proven their worth in many organisations. The three specific Riskonet assessment solutions described below offer extremely targeted support.


Pre Acquisition Risk Assesment

One specific assessment form is known as a Pre-Acquisition Risk Assessment (PARA). In it, Riskonet advises clients on the current safety of objects they are thinking of acquiring and the risks associated with them. A PARA can, for example, be a useful and integral part of a broader due diligence investigation on a piece of real estate that a client might be thinking of acquiring. Our clients tell us that the impression they get of an asset (in a financial, legal and usage context) is not considered complete without this technical assessment, which pays specific attention to material safety.


Pre Construction Risk Assessment

The Pre-Construction Risk Assessment (PCRA) is a comparable service that is specifically aimed at clients who are about to start a building project or acquire one. Using this product, Riskonet experts can draw a complete picture of everything which might affect safety in a new building or development project. The PCRA enables Riskonet to support you in aligning a new-build investment with your risk profile and strategy, while considering legislation, regulations and insurers’ requirements.


Gap Assessment Asset Safety

Companies prefer to maintain autonomous control over the safety and continuity of their business processes. The Gap Assessment Asset Safety model (GAAS), which we developed ourselves, enables us to offer an integrated approach to material safety on location. The GAAS focuses on current legislation and regulations, business continuity and the insurability of the assets. With it, we can identify possible shortcomings and flag improvement opportunities, such as personal and evacuation safety, prevention and suppression.


How much risk do you want your organisation itself to assume? How serious could the potential damage be and how far-reaching could the repercussions be for your organisation? How much of the risk would you like the insurer to shoulder? Riskonet can provide the answers to questions like these and take the weight off your shoulders in your dealings with insurers.
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Engineering consultancy

An investment in safety only shows its true worth if an emergency occurs. So how can you be sure the builder, installer or suppliers are delivering the required level of quality? Riskonet can take this worry off your mind too, by meticulously supervising building and renovation projects.
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Liability risks

Companies face a diversity of operational risks. Asset-related risks are often tangible and more easily identified, which cannot be said for the various liability risks. For most companies, liability risks constitute a grey area and their potential consequences are underestimated. Where does your organisation stand in the area of liability?
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International advisory network

While authorities strive for uniformity, building and safety regulations vary greatly country to country. For this reason, you’d be well advised not to assume that legislation and regulations in other countries are more or less the same as they are in your home market. This sort of legislative diversity is what makes it so difficult to manage risks and set up and apply a risk policy. Fortunately, we can help.
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Risk software

Riskonet Africa offers its clients a data-centric, risk-management self-assessment tool through easily accessible, cloud-based software. This powerful self-assessment tool supports the full internal audit life cycle (planning, execution, reporting, monitoring, follow-up audits). It is fully in line with the relevant legislative and insurance-bearer requirements, as well as best-practice standards. It also facilitates the tracking of audit findings. read on

Predictive maintenance

The aims of predictive maintenance (PdM) are firstly to predict when equipment might fail, then, secondly, to prevent the failure by carrying out maintenance. Monitoring for future failure allows maintenance to be planned before a failure occurs. Obviously, well-performed predictive maintenance has a positive effect on an organisation’s risk-management performance. read on

Risk-finance optimisation

Organisations are continuously seeking ways to optimise their risk portfolio. Riskonet Africa provides a diverse range of risk-finance consulting solutions. Financial and operational risk analyses enable clients to exploit opportunities to enhance risk-mitigation programmes and thus optimise their risk-financing policies across the business. read on

Collaboration with NFPA

Riskonet also actively helps to develop risk-management knowledge and expertise. We are, for example, the European partner of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), an American non-profit organisation that uses scientific research, guidelines and education to reduce the negative effects of fire and other hazards. With almost 80 000 members, the NFPA is the world’s largest fire safety organisation and many companies and insurers follow its guidelines.

Our NFPA seminars

We can support you with advice and action in the area of safety and risk management. And our offering is extensive. It encompasses, for example, the dissemination of knowledge and training courses, including those pertaining to the important guidelines of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

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