How much risk do you want your organisation itself to assume? How serious could the potential damage be and how far-reaching could the repercussions be for your organisation? How much of the risk would you like the insurer to shoulder? Riskonet can provide the answers to questions like these and take the weight off your shoulders in your dealings with insurers.

When it comes to risks, generally you have the choice between two extremes:

  • far-reaching investments in maximum safety, linked to assuming responsibility for the risks;
  • less investments in safety, due to limited exposure to risks or potential damage, coupled with optimum/maximum insurance coverage.

From our extensive experience, at Riskonet we know that asset risk management is a matter of assessment and making sensible choices. Based on your organisation’s strategy and risk policy, these choices can have different effects.

What does Riskonet offer?

Riskonet can take the load off you, among other ways by analysing relevant risk information as it relates to the available policy information as we can flag grey areas and overlaps for you. We can smooth the coordination of requirements and necessary measures between you and the insurer, along with the associated information flow.

Planning and reporting towards insurers

It’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of the information flow. The transferal of risks to an insurer calls for good planning and reporting. Not only do the risks have to be clearly identified, so too do investments made to mitigate them. To preclude a loss of coverage in the event of a calamity, it is important to demonstrate good substantiation/underpinning of the investments which are made and the precautions that are taken.

Riskonet can manage the relationships with insurers for you (and with you) and assess the offers they make. To avoid “the unexpected”, as well as other potential unpleasantness, we will be more than happy to apply our expertise in identifying the finer details – the small print for you.

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