Project management

An investment in safety only shows its true worth if an emergency occurs. So how can you be sure the builder, installer or suppliers are delivering the required level of quality? Riskonet can take this worry off your mind too, by meticulously supervising building and renovation projects.

It might well be the case that you have your ducks neatly in a row when it comes to the safety requirements that a new building, production facility or warehouse must comply with. But how can you be sure that the builder or installer really uses and correctly applies the right materials for the job? This might be to guarantee the right fire-retardant qualities of a façade, for example. Bringing errors to light, and thereby shielding your organisation from major risks, calls for close monitoring.

What does Riskonet offer?

Riskonet can serve as your independent surveyor and sentinel. Our risk professionals can provide the type of building guidance that ensures construction or renovation work is carefully carried out to the highest standards. Moreover, thanks to their knowledge they’ll also keep a sensitive finger on the pulse when it comes to the organisation’s risk policy. The surveyor/sentinel function offers the certainty that the policy is properly translated into practice.



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