Asset safety

If asset risk management is to be truly integrated and balanced, a personal, professional and bespoke approach is indispensable. This is exactly how Riskonet operates in drawing up an overall picture for your organisation.

Do you want to move quickly in the detection and fighting of a fire in production, logistics or office facilities? If so, good solutions are available, for example smoke detectors and sprinklers. Perhaps it’s important to avoid a power failure and have the ability to limit its consequences if it does happen? Here again, there are certainly suppliers who can advise  and deliver good solutions. So far so good; but is that enough?

What does Riskonet offer?

At Riskonet we don’t approach asset safety from separate parts of the organisation, or on the basis of ad-hoc analyses. Based on insight and total overview our experts offer a bespoke approach, which in essence is the difference between real asset management – taking all factors into account – and straightforward fire prevention and fire safety based solely on building decisions and insurance requirements. It characterises Riskonet’s bespoke approach to asset safety; a broad, common-sense perspective of safety and risks.

Riskonet moves with agility. If your organisation is thinking of investing in a commercial building for example, we can quickly assess the building’s condition and the associated main risks and liabilities. Depending on your situation or requirements, the resulting due diligence can have either a limited or far-reaching scope.

Example: flood risk

Here’s how we work. An investor who wants to buy a shopping centre bordering a river asks our advice. Our risk professionals carry out a flood-risk analysis that, in addition to focusing on the probability of flooding, also takes into account the likely extent of possible flood damage. The results of our investigation convinced the investor to buy the shopping centre. We concluded that the likelihood of a calamity was small and that the potential damage will also be limited. The risk the investor was exposed to could be easily covered by an insurer.

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