Risk policy

How much risk do you consider “acceptable” within your organisation? Taking it a step further, how much of that risk does the organisation want to cover itself and how much does it want to insure? Riskonet can help your organisation set up a risk policy which will be a perfect fit with your business strategy.

Can you say that your organisation has a real risk policy? A truly comprehensive plan that’s based on a thorough overview of opportunities and risks, costs and choices? Riskonet can help you develop one, then strengthen it all by developing a strategy on how to approach risks, fully or partially mitigated and fully or partially insured.

Safety – “prescriptive-based”?

If an organisation does not have a risk policy, safety is often “prescriptive-based”. In other words, it’s driven mainly by legislation and regulations or insurers’ requirements. In such a case, the organisation acts along accepted lines and focuses primarily on meeting the applicable requirements only – without actually being in control of the risks and safety.

What does Riskonet offer?

Riskonet offers services which jointly define a real policy, but with you actively at the helm. Thus, moving from “prescriptive-based” to “performance-based”.

Simply put, Riskonet sets up a corporate risk-management policy for organisations and translates its application to the various organisational locations. Furthermore, we also coordinate this policy with stakeholders, clients, suppliers, competent authorities and insurers.

Anchored in reality

Firstly , we’ll develop an inventory of your organisation’s assets. We’ll then identify the possible risks that they expose you to and the extent of any potential damage. In doing all this, our risk professionals think explicitly in realistic scenarios, taking into account the nature of the organisation’s products, production and logistics processes which lie at the heart of these risks. We’ll also be happy to list the constructional, installation and organisational options open to you.

When mapping your situation and developing a policy that is both appropriate and sensible, we are careful not to think in terms of immediate solutions. Our approach is to focus first on forming an overall picture and then develop a sound policy. It’s on this basis that investment choices are made.

A risk policy is the sum of the following:

  • what are your objectives?
  • what risks are you exposed to?
  • how do you reduce and mitigate these risks?
  • how do you underscore your continuity through it all?

Riskonet provides guidance in developing and monitoring a risk policy, putting you firmly in control of the risks and ensuring that you remain the master of your organisation’s destiny.

Risk-policy maintenance

Your risk policy must not stagnate while your organisation and the outside world continue to develop. To stay effective, a risk policy needs to be maintained. Fortunately, Riskonet provides the necessary support by regularly assessing the effects the real world has on your policy – and vice versa. Over time, regulations can change, and new business activities can develop and flourish. If they can influence your risks, these changes and developments must be identified in a timely manner. Here too, we’ll be happy to provide the necessary support.

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